Hemalee Sisodraker

Hemalee Sisodraker is VP of People at Endy, the Toronto-based mattress brand revolutionizing the way Canadians sleep. Since exploding onto the e-commerce scene in 2015, Endy has grown to become Canada’s leading online mattress brand, and one of the country’s fastest-growing retail brands — ever.

Hemalee joined Endy in 2016, one year after its founding, and has served as architect and steward of the brand’s People & Culture strategies, including its recruitment, onboarding, engagement, DEI commitments and initiatives, and talent development frameworks. Over five years of unprecedented growth, the team has quintupled in size and experienced a change in ownership, with Endy’s biggest competitor, Sleep Country Canada, purchasing the brand in a landmark $89M acquisition in 2018. Through it all, Hemalee has worked to deepen the company’s culture of collaboration, candour, autonomy, and innovation. 

A believer in the power of a positive workplace culture to fuel long-term success, Hemalee has centred much of her work on developing leaders, ensuring they have the tools, feedback, and support they need to thrive in their roles and grow in the organization. Through her ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, recruiting and retaining outstanding e-commerce talent, and elevating the company culture through periods of change.

Outside of work, Hemalee is committed to supporting a number of causes close to her heart, including the Special Olympics Canada Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society.