John Stockwell

Throughout my 25+ years success in Human Resources Leadership, I’ve earned a reputation for supporting critical business objectives, long-term planning, and global growth.

Optimizing human resources and talent management programs, maturing HR functions, and positioning HR as a trusted business partner, have been the key pillars of my success.

I’ve had extensive experience delivering on global mandates and contributing to corporate strategy development. For example, I have:

  • Supported over 48,000 members company wide as member of Global HR Leadership team.
  • Positioned HR as a critical business partner – transitioning from transactional to strategic focus.
  • Instrumental in evolution of overarching business strategy and legacy story.
  • Developed and deployed the organization-first talent strategies.
  • Received 2 nominations for Canadian HR Awards (short-listed finalist).
  • Launched and implemented Workday in Canada (recognized as best launch story within the global network).