Kevin Gauci

Kevin Gauci is a Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Optimus SBR, one of the largest independent management consulting firms in North America. With a sharp focus on shaping the overall strategy of the firm, Kevin ensures that the culture is an essential part of every decision made. His leadership inspires the team to challenge the status quo and to embrace new ideas and perspectives. Under his guidance, Optimus SBR has developed a culture that is both bold and inclusive, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive and excel.

Kevin’s infectious energy and entrepreneurial drive have tremendously influenced the company’s bold approach to growth. His vision of building a firm to be everything typical consultancies are not has blossomed into an entirely new way of thinking. Optimus SBR’s “people first” philosophy, substantial revenue growth, expanding workforce, and commitment to corporate social responsibility initiatives in the community are just the beginning of its success story.