Leah Shelley

Leah is a passionate strategic designer, experienced in un-tapping human potential to optimize team effectiveness around the world. On a daily basis she is focused on the intersection of connection, communication and performance across communities through strategic talent and business integration practices.

As the VP of People & Community Operations for the G Travel Community, Leah leads a team of Business-Integration and Talent practitioners across the areas of Human Resources,  Learning, Engagement, Organization Development, Project Management, and Communications to align  business operations with G’s purpose, vision, and goals.

It’s Leah’s interest in people, places, and perspectives that has taken her to all seven continents, and fuelled her curiosity for how to support individuals and teams to work best together to achieve the task at hand. Whether training on-board a ship in Antarctica, in an office in London, or at the top of Machu Picchu, Leah believes that by understanding each other’s human experience, we have the power to transform how communities connect and work better, together.