Marc Bombenon

Marc Bombenon is the Executive Chairman, CEO and Founder of SureCall Contact Centers, the only B Corp certified contact center in Canada. Known for his visionary leadership and humor, Marc has turned SureCall into a beacon of innovation and excellence in customer service. Under his guidance, SureCall has won multiple awards, including Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures, blending success with a vibrant company culture.

Marc’s commitment to corporate social responsibility shines through in initiatives like the Good Call program, which focuses on sustainability, equity, and mentorship. His leadership style combines strategic brilliance with an effortless old-world charm, inspiring envy and admiration in equal measure.

A mentor and motivator, Marc has ensured that SureCall stays ahead of industry trends, transforming how businesses connect with their customers. His dynamic approach and relentless passion make him a standout leader, continually pushing the boundaries of what business can achieve.

In essence, Marc Bombenon is synonymous with innovation and leadership. Whether you’re looking to emulate his professional success or simply be inspired by his magnetic presence, Marc’s impact is both undeniable and inspiring.