Michael Lavis

Michael is the founding Executive Director of Creative Options Regina (COR) — a  for-impact, charitable organization that develops personalized support services for people experiencing disability in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Under Michael’s leadership, COR has grown to become one of Saskatchewan’s  largest support providers serving approximately 20% of the provinces most challenging youth and adults in-care.  Michael is passionately committed to nurturing a culture of gentleness within the workplace, transforming care by focusing on employee experience.

Michael has a MA in Leadership with a specialization is values, along with a MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding, coupled with a BA in International Relations.  He has over fifteen years of global experience developing opportunities for marginalized individuals; from South America to Africa, and Southeast Asia to Canada, Michael has worked and researched extensively within various international organizations. Michael is passionately committed to strengthening the disability services sector in Saskatchewan and to forge out new beginnings for the province’s most vulnerable citizens.  In addition to his work at COR, Michael serves on the Board of Directors of Service Hospitality, Gentle Teaching International, Caledonian Curling Club, and is a member of the Conference Board of Canada’s Council on Workplace Health and Wellness. COR has been recognized as one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures – Broader Public Sector (2020), one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers (2018-2021), and recipient of Canada’s Healthiest Workplaces Award (2019-2020).