Rob Miller

Rob is the co-founder and chief executive of Miller Titerle + Company (MT+Co.), a Vancouver-based law firm serving Indigenous and business clients. In his role as leader of the law firm, which has over 70 employees, Rob has been directly responsible for strategy, finance, marketing, and human resources.

Rob started the firm based on some groundbreaking principles: that a law firm can care about sharing values with clients and can boldly say their purpose is to help people do good things; that important law isn’t the sole purview of Big Law and that a focused team of passionate professionals can get you as far (or further) than the large national and international firms; that you are a client with a cause, not an invoice number; and that you should like your lawyer.

Since then, MT+Co. has worked exclusively with two types of clients: forward-thinking businesses and Indigenous organizations on the cutting edge of reconciliation. The firm represents leaders who dare to dream big. MT+Co.’s integrated team supports game-changing work by breaking down roadblocks and building roadmaps for the large and important opportunities our clients are chasing. From vision to strategy to execution, we assemble a specialized team that gets the right things done. Because what our clients are doing matters—to them, to our team, and to the world.

More recently, Rob has taken on other responsibilities, including acquiring Briteweb and Rally Rally, a group of social impact advisory firms. The mission of these organizations – to be the change we want to see in the world – resonates with him, and he is incredibly proud of the work that these organizations undertake. Clients are large institutional not-for-profits (Unicef, United Nations, Rockefeller Foundation, Ocean Wise, Black Economic Alliance, St. Paul’s Foundation), post-secondary institutions (Cornell, Berkley, Northeastern), Indigenous organizations (GoHaidaGwaii, Squiala, Uchucklesaht, Lili’uokalani Trust) and for profit-for good.

Other business interests include Maya Cleaners, a commercial cleaning company with a conscience, and Bushwood Group, a group of equipment rental and power tool companies leading the wave of electrification of yard tools.