Steve Rhone

Steve Rhone has been a vital part of Weston Forest for over 35 years, beginning with a junior role as a labourer in Operations. Since then he has held management roles in every part of the company, including turns as Mill Manager, Night Shift Supervisor, Hardwood Product Manager, US Sales Manager, Vice President of Finance and Operations, and his current role as President & CEO.

Steve has the ability to go into the forest and discuss timber quality, tour a sawmill and make efficiency suggestions, or sit down with the CEO of a key account and discuss ways to grow their business.

Steve is relentless in his desire to succeed and has an unbelievably strong work ethic. He has a deep desire to learn, and constantly challenges himself and others to do the impossible. Steve is absolutely committed to ensuring that others within Weston Forest have the opportunity to develop and reach their goals.

He is a forward thinker who can see the potential for our team and our company 20 years down the road.

Steve is married to Ann and they have two children, Michael and Heather.