Susan Chatland

Susan Chatland is a trusted, collaborative, business partner with over 19 years of experience providing end-to-end human resources consulting services within the public, private and not-for profit sectors for leading organizations and institutions. Within the last twelve years, Susan has worked in leadership positions proactively identifying the needs of an organization and building and delivering best-in-class practices and programs to attract, develop and engage the best people. She brings expertise on talent management and conflict resolution for both unionized and non-unionized team members.

Susan graduated from the University of Western with a Bachelor of Administration and Commercial Studies and Psychology, with a concentration in Organizational and Human Resources Management, before pursuing her post-graduate Human Resources Management Certificate from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, with honors.

In November of 2019, Susan was fortunate to join Book Depot family, a leader in remainder book distribution, and returned to the book industry after starting her career in human resources for a global publisher. It was a perfect opportunity to come full-circle and apply her knowledge and experience for an organization that is equally passionate about continuous learning and the importance of making books and education accessible to those around the world.

When Susan is not supporting leaders with their people plans, she is cuddling, chasing and being creatively inspired by her own little people. Together with her husband Dan, Susan is blessed to be a proud mom of two precious and strong-willed girls, Jessie and Jordyn.