Muni Boga

Muni is the President & CEO of Kudos®, the company that unlocks employee potential and culture through employee recognition.

With over 20 years of experience as a founder, leader, and innovator, Muni is passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology to advance the human experience. That passion led to the inception of his company, Kudos. Muni sought out a way to help both individuals and organizations thrive, and soon discovered recognition as the answer. This approach shaped Kudos’ vision that still stands today: to enable people to reach their full potential through belonging and purpose at work. Building a culture of recognition is a philosophy that Muni supports internally as a leader and with Kudos’ clients worldwide through the Kudos employee recognition platform.

Prior to Kudos, Muni led the creation of award-winning technology and design solutions for clients throughout Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Mexico. Muni has been listed as the lead inventor on numerous international patents, including the Digital Vinyl® CD that was acquired by Verbatim.

A background in architecture was the spark that ignited Muni’s professional career specializing in product, user experience, brand and strategy. Muni attributes his success to his dedication to creating innovations and models that embrace diversity, foster unity and culture, and enhance human performance.