The Waterstone Culture Institute

It is not enough to recognize the role of culture in the growth and success of your organization. Today, organizations need to actively focus on company culture development and organizational culture strategies that will put culture at the centre of strategy to drive growth and performance. That is where the Waterstone Culture Institute can help. 

Align, Develop, Measure and Transition Your Culture

Today’s leaders recognize that corporate culture drives organizational performance, but they often don’t know how to optimize their culture to drive results.

We help teams and leaders at organizations across Canada and the U.S. develop the motivation, skills, and behaviours needed to drive culture change using research-based development programs, and a proven culture transformation process called the Waterstone Culturepreneur Operating System.

“It’s not just about the diagnostic, it’s about the dialogue and the direction.”


The Waterstone Culture Institute offers programs and tools focused on helping organizations strengthen their culture, develop actionable plans, and understand how to measure corporate culture in meaningful ways. Learn more about the resources  we offer and how they can help your team develop corporate culture.

Team and Leadership Development

We offer a roster of  team and leadership development programs designed to strength your team’s skills and leverage your corporate culture. Our  flagship program, Building High Performance Teams and Cultures, has already helped leading organizations across North America strengthen and transform their cultures to drive exceptional performance.

Culture Measurement and Advisory Services

This annual employee survey program – called Waterstone ENGAGE – will equip you with actionable data about both your corporate culture, employee engagement, and level of trust in your organization. We provide leaders with actionable recommendations on where you can achieve the greatest impact, and work with you to create a customized action plan and ongoing measurement and consulting support to help drive performance.

Waterstone’s Culturepreneur Operating System

Waterstone’s Culturepreneur Operating System gives leaders a simple, proven, and measured approach to identifying and curating corporate culture, and helps them put culture at the centre of business planning for higher human, organizational, social, and, economic performance.

Leadership Assessments

We offer a suite of cutting-edge, independently verified, evidence-based leadership assessments and surveys, globally recognized for their excellence. Couple that with our comprehensive debriefing, strategy and coaching process, you’ll be on a clear path towards accomplishing your people-focused and organizational goals.

Learn to Leverage Your Corporate Culture

Get equipped with the right tools, resources, and knowledge to build and sustain your ideal corporate culture – one that drives growth, performance, and success. The Waterstone Culture Institute offers corporate culture coaching, including tools and programs that can help you identify quantifiable targets and measure your results. 

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