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Support Healthy Performance

Measuring and assessing culture is an essential part of supporting healthy organizational performance. To truly measure and benchmark culture, you need to observe behaviour on a regular basis, and we can help.

Much of what we measure and assess against has come out of our involvement and leadership in the Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures™ program, which is the R&D lab that provides us with the best human capital practices from leading organizations across Canada and the world.

Waterstone Culture Dashboard™

The Waterstone Culture Dashboard™ is a employee survey that is designed to help organizations identify and articulate their culture and benchmark it against the behaviours that drive winning cultures – specifically, those of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures™.


Waterstone Cultural Assessment™

As a leader of your organization, do you understand what types of behaviours drive your success? Are there common behaviours amongst your top performers that you would like to identify and articulate?

The Waterstone Cultural Assessment™ helps identify, and articulate, the successful behaviours common to your top performers. We interview members of your team, review your corporate strategy and present a GAP and SWOT analysis between your current and desired culture, as well as recommended strategies to close any gaps.