Waterstone’s Strategic Alliance Program Partners

The power of networks

At Waterstone, we believe in the power of networks—not only our own, but those of our partners and cli­ents. That’s why we have created the Waterstone Strategic Alliance Program. Our goal: a best-in-class business-to-business ecosystem of partners who have a shared objective of helping to build high-performance cultures and organizations—for each other as network partners, and for the shared clients and customers we serve.

Waterstone’s Strategic Alliance Program connects organizations in non-competitive industries with CEOs, Presidents, Executive Directors, and CHROs at fast-growing, mid-market companies. We help facilitate introductions to partners and others within our networks. And importantly, we work with you to measure impact that participation in the program has on growing your business. 

Alliance partners come from a wide variety of industries and offer relevant support and services to C-Suite leaders who believe their culture is their competitive advantage. 

Through our work in executive search, culture transformation, culture measurement, and learning and development—not to mention the Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures and Canada’s Most Admired CEO program—we bring together hundreds of C-Suite leaders who share the belief that corporate culture helps drive performance and generates exceptional business results. 

The power of our combined reach has great benefits for each of the Waterstone Strategic Alliance Program partners as we strive to build growing, high performance organizations and cultures.

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