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caat pension plan

The CAAT Pension Plan goal is simple: provide Canadian workplaces with access to valuable secure, sustainable pensions.

Established in 1967, the CAAT Pension Plan is an independent, jointly governed not-for-profit plan that offers DBplus a defined benefit pension at a fixed cost. CAAT’s award-winning DBplus plan design is leading an extraordinary pace of growth for the Plan by readily solving important business issues. Today, the Plan is one of Canada’s most sustainable and fastest-growing pension plans.

Originally created to support the Ontario college system, the CAAT Plan now proudly serves more than 200 participating employers in 11 industries including the for-profit, non-profit, and broader public sectors. It currently has more than 78,000 active and retired members. The CAAT Plan is respected for its pension and investment management expertise and focus on stability and benefit security. At January 1, 2022, the Plan was 124% funded on a going-concern basis, with over $18 billion in assets.

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Derek W. Dobson
The power of plus – why employers choose DBplus