Introducing the New Waterstone Culture Institute

Waterstone Human Capital, a leader in cultural talent management, has launched the Waterstone Culture Institute, to support leaders who want to drive organizational performance through culture change.

“There has never been a greater need for organizations to focus on building the skills and knowledge of their leaders and their teams, and on further aligning those to their organizations,” says Marty Parker, President and CEO at Waterstone Human Capital. “We’re excited to have leadership development and culture transformation expert Nicole Bendaly at the helm of the Waterstone Culture Institute, offering a suite of learning and development tools that are proven to drive personal and professional growth and performance.”

More and more, organizations are looking to expand the culture transformation and learning and development options available to their leaders and their teams, especially around topics like sustaining culture and driving performance.

“Leaders today recognize that culture drives performance, but many aren’t sure how to define their needs or to optimize their culture to drive results,” says Nicole Bendaly, Executive Director of the Waterstone Culture Institute. “We help leaders gain the clarity, tools, and proven best-practices that are essential to achieving a culture that can drive their organization’s performance. At the Waterstone Culture Institute, leaders gain everything they need to put culture at the centre of strategy to drive high performance within their organizations.”

With the launch of the Waterstone Culture Institute, Waterstone is leveraging its resources and expertise to help inspire organizations to build high performance cultures that will help them grow.  The Waterstone Culture Institute’s programming is based on rich data collected through the Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures and Most Admired CEO programs, Waterstone’s work with clients from across North America, and ongoing study into culture as competitive advance.

The Waterstone Culture Institute offers three interconnected services, each built around research-based practices that drive high performance teams, leaders, and cultures:

  • A suite of leadership and team development programs, including the flagship Building High Performance Teams and Cultures program;
  • Waterstone ENGAGE, a culture measurement and engagement program that provides data and insights essential to strengthening culture, and culture advisory and coaching services to support building and actioning a plan for culture change;
  • Waterstone’s Culturepreneur Operating System, a culture curation and transformation process that helps organizations build and sustain high performance cultures.

“Our programs are quantifiable, sustainable and action oriented – but with the flexibility to provide custom solutions based on the needs of individual organizations,” says Bendaly, adding that when leaders and teams are aligned and committed to the development of a clearly defined culture, and when they have the right set of behaviours, tools, and strategies to build that culture, “the organization will see significant improvement in performance across all levels.”

To learn more about the Waterstone Culture Institute and how your organization can begin its culture transformation journey, visit the Waterstone Human Capital website or email Nicole Bendaly.