Andrea Mancini

Andrea Mancini joined the Waterstone Human Capital team in July 2022 as Vice President, Growth.

Throughout her 20 years in sales, Andrea has championed growth and business development, and achieved success in organizations across a range of industries including retail, education, and workforce solutions. Most recently, she had the opportunity to direct and manage a high-performance sales team in a large staffing firm.

Andrea’s greatest strength is building solid partnerships with clients, something that has proven an invaluable asset in difficult economic times. The pandemic has provided an excellent example of how a strong sales strategy and putting ”people first” is critical to drive growth.

She sees her role at Waterstone as highly relevant in a time where effective leadership and a defined winning culture is a competitive advantage. She is beyond excited to be joining Waterstone and looks forward to driving her passion for culture, winning from all angles, and business growth.