Anne Bermingham

Anne Bermingham is the President of 2WA Consulting Inc. – a consulting firm that is in its 25 year of operation. Their firm focuses on “helping people and companies change” by helping the leaders and others:

  • To lead large scale change initiatives – addressing the people issues and articulating the culture shifts needed to be successful.
  • To improve the functioning of work teams;
  • To enhance workplace environments by addressing conflict and unclear goals and priorities
  • To clarify decision-making between different levels of management;

Her background is an Applied Social Psychologist – where she takes the theories and research about how normal people behave in groups or organizational settings and applies these insights to organizations. She presents practical tips in a way that you can easily apply the insights in the workplace.

She is also a Certified Chair with MacKay CEO Forums. She convenes, hosts and facilitates four different Forums in southwestern Ontario where leaders share some of their hardest issues with one another and tap the experiences of others to be even more effective in their roles.

In her personal life, Anne is a busy volunteer – active in Rotary, United Way, LPGA Amateur Golf Association as well as a wife and mother of two young men who have graduated from university and are starting their careers.