Kim Neeson

Kim Neeson is a Business Coach, Consultant and Mentor.  As an award-winning entrepreneur and business leader with her company that served the legal services space, Neesons, Kim grew the business from a one-woman enterprise to a multi-million dollar company over the course of two-plus decades. In 2019, Kim’s business was acquired by Veritext Litigation Solutions, the largest court reporting company in the world. After the sale, Kim led the growth of the business in Canada as Regional Vice President before retiring from her role with a total of 11 offices under the Veritext Canada umbrella.

​Kim received her training in coaching from Erickson International and achieved her certified ACC status from the International Coaching Federation in October of 2021, adding coaching to her already robust skillset. 

​As a business leader and coach/consultant, Kim now puts her knowledge, business acumen and lived life experience to work for her clients.  She prides herself on walking alongside leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to re-energize, rebalance, re-engage or change their work/life realities. 

A focus of Kim’s practice, having led the Canadian arm of Veritext through the pandemic, is helping companies “re-set the table,” recognizing the new realities of running a successful business by working with Waterstone to create a cohesive, synergistic and highly functioning teams that takes a holistic and all-encompassing approach in line with today’s management and workforce style.