Makini Smith

Founder of A Walk In My Stilettos, Makini Smith, is an award-winning entrepreneur. She has successfully crafted a business in personal development as a mindset coach helping women reach their goals, a certified Proctor Gallagher consultant for her mentor Bob Proctor, and 4-time published author.

Her first book is titled “A Walk In My Stilettos: How To Get Through The Struggle With Grace” with the foreword written by Linda Proctor (wife of Bob Proctor), her second book “A Walk In My Stilettos: 111 Affirmations To Help You Heal” was inspired by the encouragement of her readers. Makini created her third book “A Walk In My Stilettos: The Gratitude Journal” to share her success tools with other women which was followed by “The Couples Gratitude Journal”. 

She is also the host of the top rated, A Walk In My Stilettos Podcast for women looking for the tools and motivation to conquer their fears, own their story and strengthen their resilience muscle.

Her passion to improve the quality of people’s lives includes making an impact in which she contributes her time spreading awareness of mindset, providing expertise on media platforms globally. She’s been seen on Chatelaine, xoNecole, iHeart Radio, CBC, Vice News, a billboard in Times Square and much more. Makini has been nominated for the RBC Women Entrepreneur Awards 4 times as well as the Peoples Choice Awards for Best Black Canadian Podcaster.

Makini does more than talk the talk; she walks the walk by being an example of leadership serving in the community including her run for Member of Provincial Parliament in the 2018 Canadian Election.