Sandra Herriot

I have spent the last 3 decades in the learning & development arena focusing on behavioural change and leadership development by using experiential learning and evidence based training. Ultimately helping people realise how their actions and inactions (behaviours) affect their outcomes.

My background is Global Sales & Marketing (smarketor with a minor in Operations) with a focus on licensing, distribution models, strategy, operations, communications and sales development. As a consultant I facilitate training, coach, mentor and help build & initiate strategy. Strategy includes overall company, operations and sales and marketing.

I have had the privilege of participating in culture change initiatives both from the business development side as well as the delivery (facilitation) with multiple fortune 500 companies ie: HSBC, Lockheed Martin, Boeing E&Y, BMO, TD, Dell, Sanofi and Nestle along with SME in over 70 countries. I have also worked across all industries and with
over 400+ companies globally.

I started coaching/mentoring very early on in my career as I was building partnerships through licensing agreements in other countries and it was an effective way to build bridges and gain understanding from other business leaders. I have been facilitating for over 20 years worldwide and had the opportunity to deliver programs in rain forests, deserts and all the way to the great wall in China.

In 2016 I started my own company to focus on helping other business leaders and have more flexibility in doing what I love to do. In the past 6 years I have worked with over 70 companies mostly SME through different modalities to help them determine what the right path is for them and their business. This could mean scaling up or down, uncovering their meaning and aligning their why.

Program Certifications & Facilitation

  • Curiosity
  • Culturepreneur Operating System
  • Doodling for Wellbeing
  • Design Thinking
  • Fierce Communications
  • Kotter Change Management
  • Leadership Experiential Programs (programs range from
    teamwork/teambuilding/communications/time management/customer
    service/listening, strategy, empowerment, etc) Ask for more info J
  • Positive Psychology


I have also spent 11 years volunteering as a BOD for the CHMSE (Canadian Hotel Marketing and Sales Executives). I held these roles: Director of Education & Meeting Planner Events, Director of Training Programs and Director of Affiliates. where she reinvigorated flagging membership and event attendance through a variety of engagement strategies. Through this engagement I had the honour of working closing in the hospitality industry and providing sales and marketing educational programs to the members and event planners throughout Ontario. During my time we were able to reinvigorate a flagging membership and event attendance through a variety of engagement strategies.

“I am passionate for creating positive change in the world, specialize in innovating solutions that create engagement and productivity, thoroughly enjoy executing on large projects, love exploring cultures … and do so by building trust and relationships through genuine communication.” Sandra Herriot