Meet Our Newest Strategic Alliance Partner: CAAT Pension Plan

Waterstone Human Capital is pleased to announce that CAAT Pension Plan has become a Strategic Alliance Partner.

“At Waterstone, we believe in the power of networks—not only our own, but those of our partners and clients. That’s why we created the Waterstone Strategic Alliance Program,” says Marty Parker, President and CEO at Waterstone Human Capital. “We couldn’t be happier to welcome CAAT Pension Plan as a program partner, and we look forward to introducing our network to the incredible work CAAT is doing to help Canadian organizations win the race for talent through their modern pension plan that provides employees what they want and need at a fixed cost employers can afford.”

“As a leading pension partner offering secure, valuable lifetime retirement income, CAAT enables Canadian employers to enhance attraction, engagement and retention as a destination of choice for top talent, without the fiduciary obligations of most retirement programs,” says Derek W. Dobson, CEO and Plan Manager at CAAT Pension Plan. “We are delighted to join Waterstone Human Capital’s Strategic Alliance Program, so that their vast network of partners and clients, who care about both employee wellness and the bottom line, can tap into the power of DBplus, a key asset for every talent management program.”

About CAAT Pension Plan

caat pension plan

The CAAT Pension Plan goal is simple: provide Canadian workplaces with access to valuable, secure, sustainable pensions.

Established in 1967, the CAAT Pension Plan is an independent, jointly governed not-for-profit  plan that offers DBplus – a defined benefit pension at a fixed cost. CAAT’s award-winning DBplus plan design is leading an extraordinary pace of growth for the Plan by readily solving important business issues. Today, CAAT is one of Canada’s most sustainable and fastest-growing pension plans.

Originally created to support the Ontario college system, the CAAT Plan now proudly serves more than 250 participating employers in 11 industries including the for-profit, non-profit, and broader public sectors. It currently has more than 78,000 active and retired members. The CAAT Plan is respected for its pension and investment management expertise and focus on stability and benefit security. At January 1, 2022, the Plan was 124% funded on a going-concern basis, with over $18 billion in assets.

CAAT is making retirement better for Canadians today. Learn more about why employers choose CAAT.

About the Waterstone Strategic Alliance Program

Waterstone’s Strategic Alliance Program connects organizations in non-competitive industries with executives at fast-growing, mid-market companies within our network. Partners work together to help facilitate introductions to other partners and companies within our networks, offering relevant support and services to leaders who believe their culture is their competitive advantage.

And importantly, we work to measure impact that participation in the program has on growing partners’ businesses.

Learn more about the program and our partner, CAAT Pension Plan.