A Combined Vision for High-Performance Culture: Waterstone Human Capital Acquires Focus Insights

Waterstone Human Capital (www.waterstonehc.com), a leading talent management firm focusing on executive search for culture fit and add, and culture advisory and transformation services is proud to announce its acquisition of Focus Insights (www.focusinsights.ca). Lori Moffatt, Focus Insights’ founder and principal, is now managing director at the Waterstone Culture Institute.

This is a natural alignment of two companies who regard workplace culture as more than just a business term – it’s a strategic asset. With the integration of Waterstone’s culture-centric approach, and Focus Insights’ tailored solutions – spanning from recruitment, workplace assessments, and leadership development to change management, and more – their combined offering is set to redefine the landscape of culture and talent management, and organizational development.

Waterstone clients have seen remarkable outcomes – from doubled revenues to strengthened recruitment and engagement results – by putting culture at the centre their strategy using Waterstone’s services. Focus Insights has always embodied an unwavering commitment to fostering desirable cultures, enhancing performance, nurturing future leaders, and sustaining talent engagement through its holistic range of HR services.

“This partnership further solidifies our purpose of building high performance teams and cultures,” said Marty Parker, president and CEO at Waterstone Human Capital. “With the combined expertise of Waterstone and Focus Insights, we are poised to deliver unparalleled value to our clients through expanded culture talent management services.”

Lori Moffatt, managing director, added: “We’re not just merging two companies; we’re converging our shared purpose and vision to build high performance team and cultures using best in class tech, people, and services. Our mutual aim is to ensure that our clients don’t just exist in the marketplace, but that they thrive, lead, and set the standard for what it truly means to be a high-performance culture.”